What to Expect When Consulting a Cosmetic Dentist

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When you are expecting a cosmetic dentist appointment, there are some points you should be prepared about. In a way that will tell you what to expect, history of your oral procedures, what your dentist might want to know about your oral health and the facts you should have knowledge on.

In case you are anxious about the dental treatments, remember that it is very normal and the experts will work with you only after you are completely comfortable. Until then you can enquire about everything related to the cosmetic surgery you are opting for and there is no need to be in a hurry.

Information you should have

The cosmetic expert will want to know about your overall health, any medical condition, and its diagnosis, illness if any, supplements or medication you currently are taking, allergies you have from materials or medications, family history etc. this information should be very authentic so that the expert can work with you freely.

Questions you should ask

You should freely be able to explain the expectations of the oral appearance you wish to have with your dentist and ask whether they are to be met.

Ask questions if you have any, in order to learn each step of the procedure in details so you can be comfortable during the surgery. Like about the tools and technology that will be used during the treatment, medication and its reactions

  • Ask about the risks involved during and after the procedure
  • Question the long-term pros or cons of the treatment
  • The maintenance required once you are done with the treatment
  • You should ask the time that will take before you see the results on your smile and what to expect in between the procedure
  • Inquire about the type of anesthesia you will need for the procedure, the sedative, or the local
  • Ask the surgeon about the past cases of success or failures of similar oral treatment
  • Ask about some visual presentations that you would want to see; photos of before and after cases of similar procedure
  • You can also ask your cosmetic dental surgeon for a better solution to meet the expectation you demand than what you are opting for.
  • The costs estimation you will have at the end of the procedure