What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

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The confidence of a person lies behind the smile, if the smile is perfect the whole appearance is impressive and you gain more self-assurance. Cosmetic dentistry is all about giving you that perfect impression that you will achieve as per your demand.

Cosmetic Dentistry focuses towards enhancing the way your teeth appear while you give one of your best smiles. An artwork that makes sure you are completely confident with your smile. To be able to do that a cosmetic dentist needs to know the anatomy of teeth to the core this makes him the artist. Cosmetic dentistry involves restoration of your oral beauty including achieving healthy gums, teeth whitening, teeth reshaping or sharpening, closing spaces etc. An overall makeover of your teeth in a way that the appearance of your smile is as perfect as it can get.

The basis of the oral enhancement begins with oral hygiene, so before beautifying the set of teeth the cosmetic dentist makes sure your oral health is on point. Eliminating cavities, bad breath or filling out missing teeth. Once you fully achieve the basic oral hygiene only then the cosmetic dentist can focus on the changes you would want to make.

A cosmetic dentist will have specialist tools that can help:

  • Fix Chipped/Cracked tooth
  • Shaping or contouring the Enamel
  • Improve the shape, size, or color of the teeth
  • Crowing damaged tooth
  • Straightening of the teeth

While Teeth Whitening the dentist removes the stains that have appeared over time, restores the healthy white of your teeth.

Bonding is all about fixing or filling what is missing, like a chipped tooth or spaces between the teeth, fixing cracks, or cavities.

Veneers is a customized procedure which involves covering the teeth with porcelain that can enhance both the color and shape of your teeth. It not only lasts longer than basic bonding but also appears to look better.

Another option to fix the appearance and even enhance its functions is crowning them.

The conclusion of most of the above steps involves Enamel Reshaping and Contouring that provides a perfect finishing to your teeth.

  • Braces help in correcting the alignment of your teeth
  • Bridges helps in filling up missing teeth with artificial teeth that only your dentist can design
  • Implants are a better and lasting version of bridges